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Waterless Toilets

All the Central Systems shown below are designed to work with waterless toilets.  Dry central systems with waterless toilets can save you thousands of gallons of water every year!  These systems use no water or flushing liquid.  It's important to note that with a dry central composting system, you cannot install multiple waterless toilets.  These systems will only support one waterless toilet each.  Please also note that what you see below are central composting units only, and waterless toilets are sold separately from the central system.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
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Centrex 2000 AF high capacity central system composting toilet by Sun-Mar Centrex 2000 AF AC/DC high capacity central system composting toilet by Sun-Mar Centrex 3000 AF extra high capacity composting toilet by Sun-Mar
Centrex 3000 AF AC/DC extra high capacity composting toilet by Sun-Mar
How do you know what size of central composting system to purchase? That's easy! All our products are designed based on capacity, or the number of people that will be using the system each day. Centrex 1000 systems, our small central units available, are designed only for weekend or cottage use, not for residential or continuous use. On a weekend basis, they will accommodate 4 or 5 adults. Centrex 2000 central systems are high capacity units, and can accommodate 5 to 6 adults on a weekend basis, or 3 to 4 adults in continuous use. Our largest systems, the Centrex 3000 family central systems, are rated for extra high capacity. This means they can handle 7 to 9 adults on weekend use or 5 to 6 adults on a continuous use basis. If you have questions about capacity, or would like to compare our central units side by side, please see our Product Selection Guide.

Did you know that we also offer self-contained composting toilet units? We have a complete line of self-contained unit ranging in capacity ratings to meet any need. So what's the difference between a self-contained unit and a central composting system? In a nutshell, a self-contained unit is an all-in-one product. There are no additional items or add-on accessories to buy, right out of the box it will serve its purpose as a waste management system. The composting drum is contained within the toilet itself, directly beneath the toilet seat, thus the name "self-contained." Central compost toilet systems, like the ones shown on this page, are different in that the composting drum is contained within a "box" that is installed on a lower level or basement. It's important to note that the toilet fixture that goes in the bathroom must be purchased separately, and it will look more like a traditional toilet. While all self-contained units use no water, central systems offer more options in that you can purchase a water flush system, as well.

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