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The Composting Toilet Store

Warranty Information

Please read this page completely, as it contains different warranty information for different items on our website. If you have any questions about the warranty on a particular item, please contact us at 800-690-0132 prior to placing your order.

The Composting Toilet Store exclusively sells Sun-Mar brand composting toilets, which are warranted by the manufacturer. If you have a warranty-related problem with your toilet system, please contact Sun-Mar directly at 888-341-0782, or you may contact us first, and we will have someone from Sun-Mar contact you directly.

The warranty for self-contained composting toilets and Centrex central systems (central composting unit only) is as follows:

SUN-MAR Corp. warrants the original purchaser that this toilet is free from defects in material and workmanship under normal house or cottage use. SUN-MAR Corp. will furnish new parts for any part that fails within three years or 5 years on the fibreglass tank, provided that our inspection shows that such failure is due to defective material or workmanship. Any part supplied by us to replace another part is warranted for the balance of the original warranty period.

This warranty does not cover:
  1. Damage resulting from neglect, abuse, accident or alteration; or damage caused by fire, flood, acts of God or any other casualty.
  2. Parts and accessories not sold or manufactured by SUN-MAR Corp. or any damage resulting from the use of such items.
  3. Damage or failure resulting from failure of the purchaser to follow normal operating procedure outlined in the Owner’s Manual or in any other printed instructions.
  4. Labor and services charges incurred in the removal and replacement of any parts found defective under the terms of this warranty.
  5. All returns to the factory must by made freight prepaid. All shipments from the factory are made F.O.B. Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and no person is authorized to enlarge our warranty responsibility, which is limited to the terms of this certificate. The Company reserves the right to change, improve or modify its products without obligation to install these improvements on equipment previously manufactured.

The warranty for Central system water flush toilet fixtures (specifically, Model 510+ and Model 511+) is one year. This warranty is issued by the manufacturer, Sealand/Dometic.

The warranty for Central system waterless toilets (specifically, the Sun-Mar Dry Toilet) is 3 years. This warranty is issued by the manufacturer, Sun-Mar.