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See what Sun-Mar owners have to say about the odorless operation of their units!

Models: Excel NE Installed 2000
Location: Installed at cabin in Saxeville, WI
Reviewed By:  Susan & Patrick Radtke

The Sun-Mar Excel-NE has been the perfect choice for our cabin in the woods. The electricity often goes off between our visits and so this was a great worry free solution.
We have had no problems and absolutely no odors! We even trained our son to use it from a toddler. We even use our cabin in winter without problems.

Models: Excel NE Installed 2001
Location: Installed at mountain cabin in Larimar County, CO
Reviewed By:  Edward Krafft

Our mountain cabin is located on steep, rocky terrain where septic systems are not possible. It works very well and is odor free.

Model: Compact, installed 1996
Location: Lake Wabana, Minnesota
Reviewed By: Bob Halver

Bob says his wife Bonnie and family are very pleased with their Compact which is "easy to use, very sanitary, no odors and very attractive". The cabin is used by three generations of Halvers and up to four people "on a weekly basis".

Although it is way above design capacity, Bob says the Compact "easily handled 8 people on weekends". For the sake of the Compact, we hope the fourth generation doesn't arrive just yet!

Models: Excel NE Installed 2000
Location: Installed at cabin in Cecilville, CA
Reviewed By: Joe Dougherty

A breeze to install/set-up. Absolutely odor free! Everyone loves it. Occasional use, sometimes heavy (6+ people). Only had to empty it once so far - second year of use.

Model: Compact, Installed 1999
Location: Cabin, Lake Isabel, Colorado
Reviewed By: Richard Griffith

Due to County changes in the Code we had to install a composting unit. We have been very happy with the unit. We have only used Sun-Mar products as instructed.

Our cabin is only used for summer fun but the whole family enjoys it. We have had no odor problem which was a major concern when we decided to install the unit.

Model: Excel, Installed 1999
Location: Installed in cabin near Crystal Lake, Laramie County, Wyoming
Reviewed By: Barbara Curran

We installed the Excel unit in November of 1999. Since the cabin is without plumbing, the Excel was and is ideal. It looks good and everyone can use it without a problem. It has serviced a large group (12) on a given day and is odorless. We are so glad we found this system, otherwise we would not have purchased our "get-a-way".

Model: Excel, installed Summer 2000
Location: Blanding, UT
Reviewed By: Lynn Lee

We cringed for years just at the thought of going/using the old outhouse at our family cabin site (see picture). Then we were introduced, by a neighboring cabin owner, to the Sun-Mar composter toilet. After two years of using the Excel composter, we consider it the most practical investment we could have made. The most surprising element - total lack of any offensive odors.

Model: Centrex 2000, installed 2003
Location: Installed at "Big Bucks Lodge" Alma, NY
Reviewed By: Mike & Sue Wohleban, and Douglas & Cyndy Walid

We installed the Centrex 2000 last fall and just moved the compost to the finishing drawer a year later. The unit works better than we expected. Our camp is on a hill and the cost of a septic system was in the $8000.00 range. We use our camp every weekend and for extended weeks in the summer and fall. The unit performs perfectly with no odor and with the 510 toilet, very little water. We installed the unit in a couple of hours. The instructions were precise and easy to follow. Thanks for making our camp a place we can enjoy for years to come.

Models: Excel NE Installed 2001
Location: Installed at cottage in Seeley's Bay, ON
Reviewed By: Edward Hand

Our cottage near Seeley's Bay, Ontario is very rustic with no electricity or running water/septic. We've had our Sun-Mar Excel-NE just over a year and are very pleased with the results - no mess, no smell, and much more pleasant than the "outhouse".

Models: Excel NE Installed 1997
Location: Installed at cottage in Glen Almond, QC
Reviewed By: Celine Petrachuk

We have been extremely pleased with our Sun-Mar Excel NE. It is now about 8 years old and we have not had any problems other than using too fine a peat moss initially. Since you introduced the Compost-Sure mix, we have not had any problems at all.

Our cottage is on a very small lake in Glen Almond P.Q. and because of the impossibility of any other system but an outhouse this was the perfect option for us. We have it in the cottage and have no odor from it. We have accommodated up to 8 people for a week-end with no adverse effect. We highly recommend this product for peace of mind and good ecological sense.

--Celine & Ron Petrachuk

Models: Excel NE Installed 2001
Location: Installed at cabin in Pittsburg, NH
Reviewed By:  Bill Hart

I have included 3 pictures of the Excel NE that we installed last Aug 2001. This cabin is located in Pittsburg N.H. 5 miles from the nearest power. The toilet was installed to add convenience to our family. Versus an out house, the unit performed great for weekend use for our family of three, however as more people came to enjoy the lake, and peace and quiet, we found that odor from liquids was noticeable.
After a very helpful phone conversation with Sun-Mar tech rep, we tried extending the vent pipe, and ordered a vent fan kit,which with battery, solar panels etc was installed this spring. I would like to announce that we have had 3 to as many as 5 persons using the toilet for a 2 week period and weekends in between with no odor, and a great operating system. This system was extremely easy to install and even easier to maintain.

Models: Excel NE Installed 2002
Location: Installed at cabin in CA
Reviewed By: Kathie Merrill

Everyone loves to try my toilet. They are sure its going to smell - and it doesn't! It is easy to use and easy to care for. Thank you for making this product available.

P.S.: The sign on the vent pipe is "instructions".

Models: Excel NE Installed 1999
Location: Installed at cabin in MI
Reviewed By: Mike McKinney

Our Sun-Mar NE composting toilet has been the perfect addition to our summer and weekend retreat.

It was very easy to install and has been maintenance and odor free for all these years. Thanks to you for everything but the "pleasure" is all ours.

Models: Excel NE Installed 2001
Location: Installed at mountain cabin in CO
Reviewed By:  Don Schmidt

Our Excel-NE is an excellent addition to our primitive Colorado mountain cabin. It is odor free and simple to install. The ladies and grand kids appreciate it, especially during the winter. They don't have to make the 75 yard trip to the outdoor toilet.

Models: Excel NE Installed 1995
Location: Installed in cabin in OR
Reviewed By: Norman Poole

I will share my experience with one of your composting toilets (Excel-NE).

We love it. I have a remote cabin on the Owyhee Lake in the Eastern Oregon desert country where there is no electricity or running water except what I pump out of the lake. My wife and I built it in 1972, and also built an outhouse. In 1995 I added a 8' by 8' bathroom on the back of the cabin and installed the composting toilet and a shower stall.

With the outhouse my two daughters-in-law and my wife seldom went to the cabin, as they didn't really like the toilet facility. Now they all love to go to the cabin, as the composting toilet is just as nice as their own home plumbing. The bathroom is odorless, clean, and shiny looking, and they actually enjoy the novelty of such a neat facility. When adding the new bathroom, I also installed a Solar collector, 12 volt lights, a water pressure demand pump, a hot water heater(propane), and the new shower. I have to say the new little room on the back of my cabin with the Sun-Mar composting toilet made a big hit and we can't believe we got by without it for so long. Pictures follow. That is me standing on the deck at the entrance to the bathroom.

Models: Excel NE Installed 1998
Location: Installed at residence in Wisconsin northwoods
Reviewed By: Pat & Jim Godsey

When my husband Jim and I retired to our hunting cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods, we decided to simplify our lifestyle. He built a small building about 8' from our 25' by 25' A-frame, to use as a bathroom and shower house, and we installed the Excel-NE unit you see pictured.
In 4 years of daily use, we have had no problems with our composting toilet. In fact, we are delighted with it! There is absolutely no odor, to the surprise of our "downstate", city visitors. The compost is sprinkled near our plentiful trees, bushes and flowers and dug in to enrich our sand/clay soil. It improves our soil.

Thank you so much for your composting toilets! We have only a small wood burner to heat our cabin and cold water to the house, but that miraculous Excel-NE is a luxury we surely enjoy!

Yours Truly,
Pat & Jim Godsey

Models: Excel NE Installed 2001
Location: Battle Ground, IN
Reviewed By: Mike Margaret & Phillip Floyd

We have the Excel NE with the 12 volt fan option. We installed the Excel-NE per the instructions and it went well. We have been using the Excel-NE for about three weeks now and think it is great, no odor, no fuss, no water. I am 56 years 5' 6" Margaret is 54 and 4' 11" the step was the only thing we were not sure about, but it has not been a problem at all. And after all we can feel better about not running the pump or using all that water. We should have done this years ago.

Thank You for a fine product.
-Margaret & Phillip Floyd

Model: Excel, Installed 1997
Location: Quesnel, BC
Reviewed By: Frank & Anna Marshall

Letter From Frank and Anna, December 2000:

We have now had 4 seasons to learn to use and manage the Sun-Mar Excel and it is working well. There is really not much compost to remove in the Spring. We find that using both the Microbe Mix and the Compost Quick when turning the drum is the best formula, along with the regular addition of the peat moss/sawdust mixture (Sun-Mar addition - 50% peat moss, 50% wood shavings or Compost Sure peat mix is ideal mixture).

There is no odor to speak of, the fan is quiet, and you don't have the regular noise of waste water being flushed.

-Frank & Anna Marshall

Model: Excel, Installed 1997
Location: Installed in Cottage in Apsey Lake, Espanola, ON
Reviewed By: John Petko

People are always surprised when they enter what they expect to be an ordinary outhouse and find a clean toilet with "no odor!". And also to learn how easy it is to manage. We have found the new Compost Sure to work much better.

(ed. - Compost Sure is Sun-Mar's special peat mix with Hemp!)

Model: Centrex NE (Current Equivalent Centrex 1000 NE), installed 1996
Location: Installed in cabin in Muscoda, WI
Reviewed By: Mr & Mrs. Korbas
Bob Korbas had a unique cabin with a plumbing problem. He still has a unique cabin, but we are delighted that he was able to solve the plumbing problem with a Centrex-NE.
The Korbas' think that life at the cabin is greatly improved by eliminating the 50 yard walk out back. They found installation to be easy, and like the fact that "we do not have any odor problems". They say "we love our new composting toilet".

Models: Centrex 2000 NE
Location: Installed in 10 houses in The Bahamas
Reviewed By: Curtis Campaigne

I am an architect/developer on an island in the Far Bahamas.
We have built a small eco community – 10 houses 22 Sunmar Centrex 2000 NE units.

In our community, most of the houses are within 50 feet of the beach and the waters are always turquoise, composting toilets were an obvious first element. Having had a practice in Sweden for 20 years, I was very familiar with the many versions of off the grid toilets that exist in Scandanavia, from electric incinerator toilets, numerous variations of composting toilets and even freezer toilets.

I was therefore very critical when it came to choosing a composting system for our climate and building type in the Bahamas.

Our buildings are built on pilings from two to three feet over ground level. The main reason that I initially chose Sunmar is because the Centrex units were the lowest that I could find. This was important because the floor height of the buildings was determined by the toilets.

The ladies were less interested in building floor heights. They unanimously insisted on a low water flush toilet system. My Swedish wife did not want to stare down a dark hole that she associated with privies in Sweden. So we chose a rather exclusive solution of a Centrex 1000 NE unit for each bathroom with a Sealand low flush water toilet.

Over the 5 years of experience with these toilets, (ours are used every day) I would like to say that there are certain inherent problems with introducing too much water in a composting sytem. Cleaning personnel have a tendency to want to wash down toilet bowls with disinfectants and masses of water – inspite of instructions to the contrary.

Too much water stops the composting process and one would expect trouble from the smell from anaerobic decomposition.

I can’t figure out how Sunmar engineers have managed to create a system that even in the worst flooded conditions DOES NOT SMELL. I would like to add these conditions arise only due to improper use of the system by overzealous cleaning personnel or guests who are not attentive to the ECO in ecotourism.

And in the best of conditions, I never tire of showing off our toilets, taking our many interested visitors directly to the “dirty” end, opening up the composting drawer, grabbing a handful from the drawer and thrusting a handful of composted material first under my nose and then under theirs. They are always flabbergasted because the resulting compost smells just like wood land loam.

I originally had some problems coming up with a proper mix for filler. Lacking diggable soil, I was forced to import whatever materials I would need. I first tried peat moss, much of which would fall into the drain pan under the drum, thereby inhibiting proper drainage. I now use a mixture of peat moss and kiln dried wood chips meant for bedding in stables with great success.

Any potential customer is welcome to call or email me.