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Model: Sun-Mar Mobile
Location: Near St. Augustine, FL
Reviewed By: Steve & Charlene Isenberg

Letter A written on back of toilet photo:

Will send 2nd one when installed! One of two in our Live aboard Catamaran. We really are happy with the "purring" fan to ventilate and clean lines and "NO PUMP OUTS - EVER!!" EXCELLENT!

Letter B written on back of Catamaran photo:

Closer to launch with two Sun-Mar composters to keep St. Augustine waterways pure! Thanks a million! EVERYONE should have a "clean getaway" vessel!

-Steve & Charlene Isenberg

Composting toilet customer review of Sun-Mar Mobile installed near St. Augustine, FL

Models: Sun-Mar Mobile powered by photovoltaic, installed 1998
Location: Cedarville, CA
Reviewed By: Ed and Wendi Lutz

Here are a couple of photos of our composting toilet. We use the composter at our remote high desert home. Friends are always fascinated when they first see the composter. It certainly provokes thoughts on solutions for the need to conserve water here in the arid West.

Composting toilet customer review of Sun-Mar Mobile installed in Cedarville, CA

Model: Sun-Mar Mobile, Installed 2001
Location: Mobile Home, Tupper Lake, New York
Reviewed By: Michael Fedor

Our Sun-Mar is installed in our RV. The RV is on a permanent installation in the Adirondacks. We were unable to secure permission from APA for a septic system thus the composting toilet.

We use it 4-5 weeks at a time so far and have been pleased with performance. Aside from a few minor glitches all is going well. We vented it through the bathroom ceiling vent and that works OK. Odor isn't much of a problem especially when using the exhaust fan through the charcoal filter.


Composting toilet customer review of Sun-Mar Mobile installed in a mobile home in Tupper Lake, NY