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Model: Excel, Installed 2002
Location: Installed in cottage in Tweed, ON
Reviewed By: The McWilliams

Over the last two years we have been rebuilding our family cottage (The Shack) and adding an addition.

Please find attached some photos of our Sun Mar Excel which was installed in our new cottage bathroom in July of 2002. We love it.

Our cottage is near a river and so a septic was not an option. Additionally, we have tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our building, Tyvek house wrap, sealed vinyl windows,a front load low water washer and compact flourescent bulbs in all the fixtures, even outside lights.

We would love to be part of your Web Site. I tell everyone about how great this toilet is. I even told our local Prescott Rotary Club about how great these toilets are.

Our model is an Excel 120v model. It runs all summer and all winter in the cottage. It's great to have an door plumbing. We have followed the instructions completely and use Compost Sure, Microbe Mix and Compost Quick. We have never had a smell or a problem.

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in cottage in Tweed, ON

Models: Excel
Location: Installed at cabin on Powell Lake, ON
Reviewed By:
Colin & Jody Eldridge

Hi, Just thought I would like to show you what a great product you have. Our cottage on Crowe Lake in Marmora Ontario sits on a rock cliff that makes it impossible to have anything other than a holding tank.

We chose Sun-Mar because we loved the concept and it beats having an above ground tank by a mile.

We selected another Canadian product from Royal Outdoor Products (Hampton garden shed) as our outhouse.
We wanted to keep the cottage tradition of years ago by having an outdoor toilet. This is our third year and I find it to be a fantastic combination. The window and skylights also give it a bright and airy feeling.

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in cabin on Powell Lake, ON

Model: Excel, Installed 1988
Location: Cottage, Healey Lake, Ontario
Reviewed By: James Udrow

The Udrows are retired and live at their cottage continuously for six months from the end of April to the beginning of November, when they leave for Florida. James finds that the Excel can handle thier needs comfortably and he only has to extract some compost once a year in the spring, when they return from Florida.

At that time they find the "compost is very nice and dry" and they remove about a pailful, which they use in their beautiful garden. We would like to think Sun-Mar deserves some of the credit!

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in cottage on Healey Lake, ON

Model: Excel, Installed 2001
Location: Installed at cottage near Low, Quebec
Reviewed By: Steve Ryan

We installed our Sun-Mar Excel during our summer holidays in July 2001. Friends and family are amazed at how well it works. It has become a conversational piece. We have sent a couple of pictures, one of the Ryan family, the other, our cottage at Lac Brule in the Gatineau Hills.

One of our friends calls it a Quebec hot tub!
Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in cottage near Low, Quebec

Model: Excel, Installed 1997
Location: Quesnel, BC
Reviewed By: Frank & Anna Marshall

Letter From Frank and Anna, December 2000:

We have now had 4 seasons to learn to use and manage the Sun-Mar Excel and it is working well. There is really not much compost to remove in the Spring. We find that using both the Microbe Mix and the Compost Quick when turning the drum is the best formula, along with the regular addition of the peat moss/sawdust mixture (Sun-Mar addition - 50% peat moss, 50% wood shavings or Compost Sure peat mix is ideal mixture).

There is no odor to speak of, the fan is quiet, and you don't have the regular noise of waste water being flushed.

-Frank & Anna Marshall

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in Quesnel, BC

Model: Excel
Location: Midas Basin, NS
Reviewed By: Patricia Wainwright

Being on the Minas Basin, with the world's highest tides (yes! the earth actually tilts at high tide) we have to cope with coastal erosion. Old septic systems can be a problem because of leaching into the seawater.

Sun-Mar toilets are a great environmental choice and great too for cold-weather visits to our cottage. My ornamental shrubs enjoy a spring perk-up when we spread our clean compost in May.
Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in Midas Basin, NS

Model: Excel, Installed 2001
Location: Installed in Cottage, Ontario
Reviewed By: Gilbert Miles

Very pleased with Sun-Mar Excel. We use it 3 months during th summer and haven't had any problems.
Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in Cottage, Ontario

Model: Excel, Installed 2002
Location: Installed at Cottage, NS
Reviewed By: Ron & Claudette Marchand

We purchased one of your Sun-Mar Composting Toilets in July of this year (2002), the Excel model, electric. This is just a few words to let you know that my husband, Ron and I are very pleased with the unit.

Enclosed is a picture of our cottage (mobile home). It is situated on 8.5 acres of land in a wooded area. Also enclosed are pictures of our Sun-Mar toilet. Everyone who has seen it are amazed by it, to say the least.

My husband and I are retired and this was a great purchase, as the cost of installing a septic field was our of our range in price. This sure made visiting our cottage a lot more comfortable.
Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed at Cottage, NS

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