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Models: Excel, Installed 2000
Location: Installed at Cabin in Ruidoso, NM
Reviewed By:
Donna Martin

We built our cabin in 1965 - we are in the country so we have no public utilities except electricity and telephone. With the Excel installed I am able to spend 2 or 3 months here during the summer. It's great! Thanks!

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed at cabin in Ruidoso, NM

Model: WCM Installed 1994, Excel 2002
Location: Island Camp in ME
Reviewed By: Deborah Bigelow

In 1994 we purchased a Sun-Mar WCM for our island camp in eastern Maine which has been happily established and composting since then. That model we installed in a small outbuilding, and is pictured in the two photos.

Since we were so pleased with that one, and feeling we needed to provide additional toilet facilities for larger groups visiting, we have installed this summer a new Sun-Mar Excel. This self-contained unit has gone into another small cabin adjoining a kitchen and bedroom. With your new advice and the new peat mix and "Compost Quick", we are getting the unit going.

We have been glad for the new information on the mix, and are now adding pine shavings (not cedar). We had tried buckwheat shells last year also, which were quite expensive. We would be glad to be on your "referral list" as we are definitely pleased with your products. Previously we had a "two holer" of the old-fashioned variety. Our friends and family are glad we've moved up.
Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed at island camp in ME

Model: Excel, installed 1999
Location: Full time Residence, Duluth, Minnesota
Reviewed By: Cindy Hale

We installed the Sun-Mar Excel (electric unit) when we built our grey-water greenhouse system. The year round solar greenhouse handles all our grey water and the Sun-Mar makes it possible. The combination is permitted by our county health dept. as an experimental system and in Year 4, going on 5 we still love it.

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in full time residence in Duluth, MN

Model: Excel, installed 1999
Location: Installed at Chesapeake Bay Cabin
Reviewed By: Ed Lumsden

Enclosed please find a photo of my Sun-Mar unit. We are on the Chesapeake Bay. No water or sewage available. Have had your unit for about 3 years and find it a great reward. My wife likes the waterfront property, but never did get fond of an outhouse.

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed at Chesapeake Bay cabin

Model: Excel, installed 2000
Location: Installed at cabin near Cranberry Lake, NY
Reviewed By: Everett Godfrey

We've been using the outhouse for over 60 years at our cabin in the Adirondack mountains of Northern NY & still do not have running water. We really appreciate the Sun-Mar Excel, especially on cold early Spring mornings and late fall mornings. Installation on the second floor was easy with no expense for septic system or water system. Has worked well with 10-12 people in the cabin for 2 week stays in the summer.

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed at cabin near Cranberry Lake, NY

Model: Excel, installed Summer 2000
Location: Blanding, UT
Reviewed By: Lynn Lee

We cringed for years just at the thought of going/using the old outhouse at our family cabin site (see picture). Then we were introduced, by a neighboring cabin owner, to the Sun-Mar composter toilet. After two years of using the Excel composter, we consider it the most practical investment we could have made. The most surprising element - total lack of any offensive odors.

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in Blanding, UT

Models: Excel, Installed 2003 - Centrex 2000, Installed 2000
Location: Cottage, East of Parry Sound, Ontario
Reviewed By:
Jacquelyn Morgan

Dear Friends:

Indeed, we do think of you as friends for your creative marketing style, your superb product and personable sales staff.

Our cottage is water access only and we only obtained electricity during the past decade. We had propane, an outhouse and water carried by bucket or hand-pumped from the lake. With electrical power extended to our remote location, we were above, in June 2000, to add an indoor bathroom. We installed a Sun-Mar Centrex 2000, with which we are delighted. (Caution - teach small children that this toilet is not like the ones in the city ---- our grandson flooded the unit by keeping his foot on the pedal waiting for it to fill up!)

The Centrex is wonderful from Victoria Day weekend to perhaps Thanksgiving. But, since we are northeast of Parry Sound, plumbing cannot be used before ice-out or after freeze-up. So-o-o-o in May 2003, we built a beautiful little building to house the Sun-Mar Excel, a waterfree electric model, for use in April, May, October, and November.
When greeting cottage visitors, most owners say something like, "Come see my new boat" or "Come see my new deck". We say, "Come see the new outhouse!". And it is truly lovely, all insulated and paneled in pine. It boasts a "Dutch" door to view the lake, a handy shelf for the coffee mug and a magazine rack for "Cottage Life" and "Canadian Geographic". It truly does not smell. It is easy to keep clean and fresh. In summer, it is used daily to ease the pressure on the Centrex when there are lots of folks about.

We are very concerned about the environment and endeavor to make minimum impact on our pristine lake and forest. Our choice of Sun-Mar installations is consistent with this goal.
We can hardly wait to be featured in the next Sun-Mar brochure! We are enclosing photos of our toilet(s) complete with a "scratch 'n sniff" option (to duplicate the effect of the scratch and sniff area of the Morgan's photograph, smell your computer monitor screen - don't scratch it though - that will be what a Sun-Mar smells like - Ed.).

You can be assured that we invite all visitors to view our toilets. If they are interested, we eagerly give them the honest poop on Sun-Mar composting toilets.

Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in cottage east of Parry Sound, Ontario

Model: Excel, Installed 2002
Location: Primary Residence, Glasgyn, Sask.
Reviewed By: Nancy Steiger

This one is newly installed after we finally retired our Bowli X-L after 15 years of full-time residential use (family of 4). Needless to say, we were pleased with the product. Yeah, we had to "learn" the ropes of good composting, but I wonder how many times a plumber would be called to a flush toilet disaster in fifteen years!

Had we had a dissatisfactory experience with the product, I can assure you, I would not have bought another!! We look forward to 15 more years of happy composting with our ecologically sound Excel toilet system.

Thanks for your fine product.
Composting toilet review of Sun-Mar Excel installed in Glasgyn, Sask.

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