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CENTREX 2000 NE High Capacity Non-Electric Central System (Water Flush)
Centrex 2000 NE high capacity central system composting toilet by Sun-Mar

Toilet fixtures sold SEPARATELY.

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Product Code: CENTREX_2000_NE
Our Price: $2,250.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks


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If your location allows you to place a central composting unit in the level below the toilet, and you want a traditional looking toilet fixture, then the CENTREX Central system is ideal for you. This is the central composter system, located on the lower level, not the toilet fixture. The toilet fixtures to be installed in the bathroom are sold separately.

The CENTREX 2000 units have a Bio-Drumô which is a full 50% larger than the CENTREX 1000 series units. This allows it to handle medium to heavy seasonal use or light residential use. This non-electric, low flush central system is designed for applications that do not have a constant supply of electricity, but do have plumbing connections for water. To ensure odorless operation at all times, the CENTREX 2000 NE is built with a 4" vent stack that exits vertically from the unit and runs up and out the roof line of the home. This 4" vent acts like a chimney on a wood stove, drawing air upward and out, and thus maintaining a partial vacuum inside the unit .

If the CENTREX 2000 NE is going to be used residentially or if it's in a location that may be subject to downdraft, you should also purchase the optional 12 Volt 2.4 watt fan should be installed in the vent stack. This fan is sold separately, and can be powered by a solar panel and/or 12 Volt battery.


All units in the CENTREX 2000 family have been tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and are certified to comply with NSF-ANSI Standard #41, the only North American performance standard for composting toilets. This testing and certification guarantees that this system will operate odorlessly and produce a clean, dry compost that is safe and sanitary. Visit the NSF website to see the CENTREX 2000 family's NSF Certification Listing.

How to operate the CENTREX 2000 NE:
  • At the time of the initial start up, you will need to add some Compost Sure Blue (hemp stalk bulking material) into the Bio-Drumô together with Microbe Mix.
  • You may use any toilet paper you want because the composting toilet will compost it without a problem.
  • As the unit is used, add a cupful of Compost Sure Blue per person, per day. Additionally you will need to rotate the drum 5 or 6 full revolutions every 2-3 days. For weekend use, just rotate before you leave at the end of the weekend.
  • When the Bio-Drumô is half to 2/3 full, you should move some of the compost to the finishing drawer. This can be accomplished quickly and easily without coming in contact with fresh material. By releasing the drum lock and rotating the drum backwards, the finished compost drops in the finishing drawer.
  • The compost is left in the drawer for a minimum of 4 weeks to finish and sanitize. During this period it is kept separate from the fresh material to assure no contamination occurs. You can then remove the compost after 4 weeks.
  • The finished compost product will look and smell like any compost that would come from your garden composter. So make good use of it and add it to your flower garden!

Composting Toilet

  • Non-electric, high capacity, central system unit that uses water
  • Works with one pint low flush toilets, SOLD SEPARATELY
  • Offers composting capacity for 6 adults on weekends or 3 adults for residental and continuous use, due to patented Bio-Drumô .
  • NSF tested and certified for a continuous 6 months at maximum rated capacity (click here to view NSF certification)
  • 4" vent stack on the unit must be installed to vent up and out the roof of the house. This vent maintains a constant airflow through the unit, ensuring odorless operation.
  • If needed, venting can be improved with optional 12 Volt 2.4 watt fan (sold separately)
  • All Sun-Mar units feature 3-chamber technology:
    • The patented Bio-Drumô, where compost is mixed and aerated
    • The Evaporating Chamber, where excess liquid is evaporated
    • The Finishing Drawer, where finished compost is kept separate from unfinished material

Composting Toilet

Technical Specs:
  • Designed for use with one pint low flush toilets, SOLD SEPARATELY
  • More than one toilet can be installed on the CENTREX 2000 system because the capacity limitation is based on the number of people using the system rather than the number of toilets
  • View Dimensional Line Drawing
  • View Product Instruction Manual
  • Composting Capacity:
    • Residential & Continuous Use: 3 Adults or a Family of 5
    • Weekend & Vacation Use: 6 Adults or a Family of 8
    • Please note, family numbers above include both adults and small children
  • If unit is going to be used residentially, or is installed in an area that is subject to a downdraft, you may want to also purchase the optional 12V 2.4 watt fan, sold separately.
  • Vent & Drains:
    • Vent Pipe: 4" sewer pipe
    • Drain: 1" O.D. (Note: drain hookup is required on this unit)
  • Dimensions:
    • Unit Dimensions: 45-1/2" W x 26-1/2" D x 26-1/2" H
    • Width required to turn handle: 49"
    • Shipping Carton Dimensions: 47" L x 28-1/2" W x 36" H
  • Rough-in Measurements:
    • Depth required to remove finishing drawer: 45"
    • Note: Waste inlet is the "collar" at the top of the unit that the toilet drain connects into
    • Height from base of unit to bottom of waste inlet assembly: 26-1/4"
    • Height from base of unit to top of waste inlet assembly: 29-1/2"
    • Height of waste inlet assembly: 3-1/4"
    • Diameter of waste inlet (including flange): 3" DWV
    • Vent inlet center distance from rear of unit: 11"
    • Vent inlet center distance from left side of unit: 12"
    • Height to top of vent outlet assembly: 32"
  • Unit shell is constructed of durable fiberglass and ABS plastic
  • Product Weight: 87 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 108 lbs.
  • This product ships via common carrier truck line from Tonawanda, New York
  • Limited Manufacturer's Warranty:
    • 5 Years on shell
    • 3 Years on all other parts
    • For complete details, please see our Warranty Information page

Return Policy:
Please note, there is a 20% restocking fee on all returns of this item, and original shipping charges are non-refundable. For complete details, please see our store Return Policy page.

NOTE: Free Ground shipping for contiguous United States (lower 48 states) only. Sorry, we do not ship outside the contiguous United States (lower 48 states).

Model: Centrex 2000 NE , Installed 2001
Location: Installed in residence in HI
Reviewed By: Lawson Cannon, DC

Although I live near an urban area, with city utilities available, as a social and environmental statement I choose to live "off the grid" with solar power and recycled waste. I process my blackwater with Sun-Mar's Centrex 2000 NE composting toilet system. I started with another manufacturer's product, but it failed within a few months. I have enjoyed my Sun-Mar system for 5 years now. I appreciate its simplicity and reliability. I am able to process waste from 3 low-flush toilets that feed the biodrum which is located in a walk-in space under the house. The staff at Sun-Mar has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. When small problems arise they offer expert advice at no charge and supplies at a reasonable fee. In fact, I am so pleased with Sun-Mar's products and service that when I built a guest cottage, I installed a Sun-Mar Excel NE whose performance is flawless. Thank you so much for your fine products, friendly service, and longstanding dedication to living in harmony with Mother Earth.

Lawson Cannon, DC
Honululu, Hawaii

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